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Super Slots Apk

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Hi Referralcodeapp readers, here i am back with another gaming app which is going to be great invention in the theme of Teen Patti game app and Slots Master apk was already available on the internet, and now here is another slots gaming apk which is now known as Super Slots Apk and somewhere it is known as Super Slots Casino App. Teen Patti Live Apk Download New Teen Patti Live App

So, friends, we all have an extinct of being diplomatic that every application is the same, so why should we download all these other apps? The Super Slots Apk is a apk that has many types of significance, and particularly the best ways to make money in any Teen Patti Game App.

This could be the best choice for you as well because i need to make money by sharing but there are more than that for you. We will discuss about all those options in this article.

App Name Super Slots Apk
Signup Bonus Rs.25
Referral Link/Code Link
Invitation Code
Referral Bonus 30% Commission
Minimum Payout Rs.100
Payout Options UPI, Bank Transfer
Legit/Scam Legit
Super Slots Apk Download

The download process is as simple as playing dragon vs tiger game because i have the best option for you to visit the official Super Slots Apk Download Page site and open that page after that you just have to click on the download button.

The Download of Super Slots Apk file will begin instantly and after that you can easily install the app and Complete the rest process to receive the bonus and earn money in your own way.

Super Slots App

The Super Slots Apk i a gaming app and anyone in India can use this apk and start using the money to get all those withdrawals into their bank account easily.

Super Slots Apk consist of so many Jackpot and Slots games inside the apk and you will get the guide to play in all the games itself by using Question Mark Icon as help. This apk have different games than the the games that you see in other teen patti or rummy apps. Although the referral system is almost same.

Friends making money is now getting easy with all these rummy and teen patti applications. So many people are looking to play games and earn money they hardly get a good application so you can share these apps with them and get money in your account as well.

The registration steps are given below to receive the bonus. Follow them and get the bonus instantly in your Super Slots Earning App account.

1. Click here to visit the Super Slots Official Site.

2. Download the Apk file from there.

3. Install and open the apk file in your mobile.

4. Enter mobile number and Click Login.

5. Tap on the get OTP button now.

6. Enter the OTP and Click Sign-in.

7. Your account is now created and will be logged into the app.

8. The Bonus will be credited in your wallet instantly.

9. Login daily into the app to get daily login bonus as well.

The Money making options in the Super Slots Apk will help you to make money easily as there you do not get only 2 options but more than 4 online real cash making kind of things in Super Slots Apk. The Simplest way to make real cash in any kind of Rummy or teen patti app is just play the game and win real cash in which you have knowledge of the Tips and Tricks games like Dragon vs Tiger.

Make Real Cash Using Referral program In Super Slots App

The very first thing you can do to earn money in Super Slots Apk without any investment is Just invite people using your referral link. The more you invite more the money you will make because all the registration will going to give you Rs.20/Person and that is how this gonna pay you every day.

You must be thinking that why only 20rs so here you will be surprised that this is not the end but you all are also going to make commission based Income in Super Slots Apk as there will be 30% commission from the recharge amount of every referral.

Also, the affiliate system is there ask your referrals to become an Affiliate by sharing their referral links. When they will start making money from their referrals those are going to be treated as your affiliates as well.

Play Games and Earn Real Cash

The Super Slots have some different kind of games according to its name Super slots Apk will have Some Slots games and Jackpot games in the app. That can be played without any game knowledge and you can win huge amount if you bet high.

The Super Slots Apk have some different kind of games like Buffalo Deluxe, Lighting 7AP, 777 Blazing, Fire and Ice,, Money Vault and many more.

Avail Add Cash Offers

You can also add money into the Super Slots Apk. By doing this, you can avail some great offers which will give you some extra cash in your wallet to play with, This will happen when you add cash into the Super Slots Apk a minimum amount of Rs.500.

Daily Login Bonus

The Daily Login bonus is also available and you can get this daily reward by opening your account in Super Slots Apk daily and then claim it. Remember you can only claim your daily login bonus only Once.

How To Add Cash Into the Super Slots apk

To complete the add cash process please be informed that you will be needing any possible online payment option because you cannot add cash into the app by paying cash.

1. Open the Super Slots Apk.

2. Tap on the Add Cash button.

3. Select the amount 500 and Choose browser.

4. Now enter details and continue.

5. Select the payment app and complete the transaction.

6. The money is successfully added in your wallet.

How To Refer and Earn Real Cash in Super Slots App

1. Open the Super Slots Apk in your mobile.

2. You must be logged in into your account.

3. Then, Click on Refer & Earn option.

4. Now click on the Copy and Then share the link with friends.

5. Always remember more you invite more you earn.

How To Withdraw The Winnings From Rummy Super Slots Apk

1. Open the Super Slots Apk.

2. Tap on the Withdraw button.

3. First Select UPI or IMPS.

4. Enter the details accordingly and save it.

5. Enter the amount to withdraw.

6. Finally click on confirm button.

7. the withdraw amount will be credited in your account.

Super Slots Apk FAQ

Q.1 What is Super Slots apk is all about ?

Ans. The Super Slots apk is meant to be the online earning app for the people of India.

Q.2 What is the minimum withdraw amount in Super Slots Apk.

Ans. The Minimum withdraw amount in Super Slots apk is Just Rs.100.

Q.3 How can i make money in Super Slots App.

Ans. There are many possibilities to make money common options are Refer and Earn, Play games to earn.

Q.4 Super Slots Apk is Legit or Scam ?

Ans. The Super Slots Apk is totally legit and have earned from this apk as well.


Super Slots Apk is clearly a Gambling app which do not have games like Rummy and Teen Patti but only have the casino games which are so called known as JackPot Games and Slot games which can be played to win money. Although this is the legit application so you can use it without any hesitation.

Note:- This games application involves financial risk so play at your own risk and never blame anyone if you loose because you are choosing these gaming apps to play games so that you can earn money for yourself.


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