Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021

Introduction: Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021

Whether it is a general-purpose industry or something special as manufacturing. Our Selling Industrial WordPress themes catalog will help you in finding the perfect design. That will meet all your requirements.

Also, it will fulfill all the modern and trending standard web design. As we know industrial business has a lot of ground to cover. You will be having your own services, projects, portfolio, and market research. All these factors give a brief explanation about the business you are operating.

These factors also extend the understanding of your customers. So while picking up our themes we have kept all these factors in mind. Many themes can make your web shiny and sparkle. But the most important thing is to present all those important tools in front of your audience. Which will matter the most on your sales conversion sheets.

Let’s have look at some of the top-selling WordPress themes. So do read further.

What Are Industrial WordPress Themes?

Industrial is a WordPress theme that is built especially for the manufacturing industry, factory, laboratory, or construction websites. The freelancer WordPress themes are very responsive, eye-catchy, and easy to customize.

Features a lot of comprehensive options panel, some unique page transitions, quote calculator, and most importantly Google chart support.

Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021: LIST




DIVI - Personal Portfolio PSD Template

Jevelin | Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress AMP Theme

Webify – All-in-One Elementor WordPress Theme

KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kalium - Creative Theme for Professionals

Industrial - Corporate, Industry & Factory

Sway - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Page Builder


Selling Industrial WordPress Themes

There is no doubt, why Divi is the most popular industrial WordPress theme. Especially for all niches and industries. Whatever you would like to build or bring you can easily do it with Divi.

Not only does it contain a pre-designed web page but also some tools for super and handy page builder. You don’t need to be a professional designer or a programmer.

You can craft your custom webpage by yourself for all varieties of business. Saying in short with Divi you can just build whatever you want. With the availability of predesigned demos, you can also speed up the process. And even you don’t have to stick to the default design. To enhance the look and make it look follow your branding exactly how you want.


Selling Industrial WordPress Themes

Jevelin is a modern and mobile-friendly WordPress theme. Whenever you think of bringing your own business to the online space. A lot of new horizons of possibilities are opening up for you. And with jevelin this task becomes effortless.

Literally, you can do anything when it comes to web designing and constructing the ideal site. This tool and you are of another level. This makes a chance for you to stand out and run a custom page that has your complete control.

To make your business grow, share it with the world and Excel on all the benefits. Always push yourself and your project to the next level. With jevelin you can make so advanced pages or some simple. The choice to choose is yours.


Selling Industrial WordPress Themes

You can easily use WEBIFY for your industrial theme and you can start your journey like a champ. As you already see in the photograph WEBIFY comes with a dedicated demo. Which you can use for your construction business without any hassle.

The demo sample is clean, minimal, and resourceful. And is perfect for presenting your website in the limelight. All of its features like width slide, video background, hover effects, footer revealer are perfect. WEBIFY contact page includes a google form and googles maps for your convenience.

If you are still lacking in your website forward this very moment with WEBIFY. And get your page up and running quickly.


Selling Industrial WordPress Themes

KALLYA is really a clever mobile-friendly theme. This theme is vast and consists of a lot of toolkits for tracking all the websites building needs. With a lot of professional demos and over 100 elements, this theme is lifting a lot.

The beautiful revolution slider animation makes it easy for you to showcase your potential products to your customers. The stylish portfolio makes your introduction to the world easy. You can present your content easily on the mobile, desktop, and tablet without breaking a sweat.

With its WPML technology, you can reach all the users all over the world without any language barrier.


Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021


Its multipurposeness makes KALIUM an industrial WordPress theme. KALIUM has a lot of predesigned samples for an industrial-type website. But you can also design it as your heart wants. KALIUM has a super handy drag and drops down builder.

KALIUM has a ton of features that can trait your process. Which is your choice, you to use it or not altogether. This means in short there is a lot of options. KALIUM is a very user-friendly theme. Try KALIUM now!


Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021


INDUSTRIAL is a WordPress theme that is suitable for an engineering-related online business. Of course, it is a mobile-friendly theme. Features some unique post and page types for displaying the project you have done.

No matter it is a plant or a factory, you would like to present your best work to the readers as soon as possible. That gives the readers a sense of reassurance that you are a professional in this field.

You can just import any type by a simple XML import. With which you can have your online presence up and running in few minutes.


Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021

This WordPress theme is a way for many industrial companies to get online. Featuring a website with well thought will raise your potential. Sway is here to help you in starting the right way, even if you are not a web developer.

This package of goodies features a grade home demo, animations, back-to-top buttons and so many.

Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021: MERITS

  1.  You will be getting many attractive choices. Not only they are well-designed options but there are specific options for specific types of business. Support if you are looking for a spa theme, you will get many of those.
  2. They are of great value. Many industrial WordPress themes are available from 29$ to 99$. That is way better than hiring a professional designer that will design your webpage. This is a fantastic value for money product.
  3. They make you get up and running quickly. Apart from following the custom design process which is time-consuming. You can use these themes and get your site up and running quickly. Just install the theme and start adding quality content.
  4. The best part about them is that they are highly customizable.

Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021: DEMERITS

  1. There are some changes, the theme you have is chosen by more than 10,000 websites. Which results in ending up your website looking just like others.
  2. Well, there are many specific themes, but you won’t find something specific to your business. So you have to customize it. And if you try to customize it too much it may end up taking a long time.
  3. As these are highly customizable, many people just bloat their website with a lot of features. Which ends up slowness of your website loading.

Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021: WordPress Themes vs templates

Saying it in the simplest form, the difference between the WordPress themes and templates is in the number of pages each pertains has. A theme targets the design of your whole site. While the template targets the design of a single page of a website.

You can only have one WordPress theme active at a time while you can have multiple templates active at a time. Not just only that. You can have one template for your blog and one template for your portfolio.

This means you can have the header template of one page, but a separate footer template for that same page.

CONCLUSION: Top Selling Industrial WordPress Themes USA 2021

All of these WordPress themes offer you great designs that are easy to customize. However, many newbies are still unsure about what they need.

What is believe that simplicity is the best design. So always try to look for a simple theme that is easy to customize. But if you looking for a specific functionality make sure that it supports it. We hope that this blog will help you to get the best industrial WordPress theme for yourself.

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